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In photography

By Lori

Helen & Adam Save the Date

On 07, Mar 2012 | One Comment | In photography | By Lori

My good friend Helen and I finalized the Save the Date for her upcoming wedding in October using the underwater photos we took last fall.  My first time taking underwater photos was better than I could have hoped but some of our favorite photos came out a little grainy.  Rather than dismiss the photos as unusual, I post-processed the photos to have a vintage feel, with washed out colors and light leaks.  I selected a embellished script font that exemplified the vintage romantic feeling I was going for. Here are the results:

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In living

By Lori

Kitchen Art: Again.

On 14, Apr 2011 | One Comment | In living | By Lori

Sometimes things are so much fun to do the first time around, you gotta do them again. All the artwork from the kitchen has been moved into the living room because when you have fantastic friends like I do who give you the most AWESOME presents in the whole wide world… well, it’s cause to celebrate.  With a trip to the frame store!

kitchen art

These lovely tidbits are from a talented artist at Victory Gardens of Tomorrow.  And these photos really don’t do them justice.  I would honestly go buy the rest of the collection, if I had any wall space left in my kitchen.

What I love is that one is a promo poster for an event Ranger and I had already planned on attending, the 2011 Funky Chicken Coop Tour.  We hope to be amongst the small band of urban chicken farmers starting next Spring so this is the perfect opportunity to visit coops and talk with people about their chicken raising experiences.  So stay tuned after Easter for that update!

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Kitchen Art

On 08, Jul 2010 | No Comments | In house remodel, living, soundtrack | By Lori

The kitchen is so close to being done.  I can taste the end product.  So I’ve been holding off posting photos until all the i’s are dotted and the t’s crossed.  BUT I am excited about this sneak preview, the kitchen wall art.

Our office is a Genesis tribute (Ranger is a big fan) but I went for color and style over specific genre.  We have a huge selection of vinyl to choose from, hand selected and bought over the years and still about half inherited from different people in my family.  Saturdays we put on some music open all the doors in the house and get the housework done.  And nothing says summer like sitting on the deck, drinking a shiner, listening to Willie Nelson…

Target has album frames for $10.

Speaking of Willie, I bought a friend a hand silk screened Willie Nelson concert poster for her birthday.  There was a problem with the order and the shipping was delayed.  For my trouble (which wasn’t really any trouble AT ALL) Liquid Overhead sent me this lovely gem. The band, the colors, the BIRDS.  It’s like they KNOW ME.

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