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house remodel

By Lori

the amazing drying power of gypsum dust (why I feel like a fancy salad)

On 25, Jun 2008 | No Comments | In crafting, house remodel | By Lori

I’ve resorted to coating my hands and legs in avocado oil to combat the copious amounts of drywall dust soaking all moisture out of the air. We’ve been working on the dining room and laundry room on the weekends and then I spend the entire week deep conditioning my hair and by friday it feels silky smooth again and Saturday begins again the drywall dust parade.

I have become an “expert” at texturing walls. Watered down drywall mud and a rag roller is as close as I could get to replicated 50 years of paint. It matches well enough to blend in with the rest of the house.

We’re fighting a losing battle with the dust and dirt. I found myself last weekend, hair in a bun and covered in a handkerchief, on my hands and knees scrubbing the floors with a brush and a bucket of oil soap. I’m not sure where my life went so horribly wrong to bring me to the obsessive compulsive domestic goddess mood swing I have currently hit. My mother for what it’s worth still does not believe I know how to fold laundry.

I am in the process of picking on curtain fabric and lighting for the dining room. A table and chairs will come as soon as one of Ranger’s “deal of the century” things turns up (he’s tells me they happen every day, you just have to know where to look).

I will paint anything that stands still long enough green. I have earned a reputation for it. So Ranger (and the rest of the world) was quite surprised when I chose slate blue for the living areas in the house. It’s a beautiful color and super easy to coordinate with a million different colors.

Inspiration board for the dining room:

dining room inspiration board

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