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light painting



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In photography

By Lori

Adrienne & Ron Wedding Preview

On 09, Aug 2011 | No Comments | In photography | By Lori

Back in June I photographed the wedding of two lovely people and I had a blast :)   They’re a very playful couple and it really shows in their interactions with each other and their guests.  Congrats guys!

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In living

By Lori

A day of love amongst the other 364 days full of love

On 14, Feb 2011 | No Comments | In living, soundtrack | By Lori

Ranger and I had a busy weekend of painting but took time out last night and again tonight to treat ourselves.  Here’s hoping you do the same.

Cheers and chocolate covered strawberries to everyone!  XOXO Lori

light painted heart polaroid
A Million Years by AlexanderEbert

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In photography

By Lori

Light Painting

On 18, Oct 2010 | No Comments | In photography, wedding | By Lori

Ranger has been working hard for months so I planned 3 weekends of carefree funness with family and friends.  The crowning event was “Ranger Fest 2010″ were we watched movies in the backyard ate way too much BBQ and I had to opportunity to play around with one of my FAVORITE outdoor activities: light painting.  Ranger and I tried this out for the first time while camping.  Unfortunately it sucks battery life on the camera so we can only do about 2 dozen shots at a time.  light painting - ranger jon

I still have some adjustments to make on the focusing and obviously my mind has been churning with concepts for future works.  Perhaps a side business offering this service for events, like weddings and parties?  Instead of favors I think guests would get a kick out of being subject matter of some really fun works of art.  Helen thought they’d make great engagement photos.  I’ll try a few more and have them printed poster size.  The colors would look fantastic on a wall.

light painting ron & ade

So while I wasn’t able to sleep last night, I looked around for dimmable LED lights in different colors and was pleasantly surprised at the availability and cost.  And next time I’ll remember to wear dark clothing :)   And now for my favorite:

light painting helen and adam

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