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In crafting

By Lori

Knitting Project for Fall

On 10, Aug 2011 | No Comments | In crafting | By Lori

This beauty from Anthropologie is a definite must for this Fall’s knitting project list. The hardest part would be finding the right combination of colors and textures to pull this off. This color combination is stunning but might be a little too busy for me. The patterns looks easy enough, Two large “T” shapes knitted in combinations of ribbed sections, straight knitted and garter stitched sections and then stitched up.

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In wedding

By Lori

Missed it by THAT much.

On 16, Feb 2011 | 2 Comments | In wedding | By Lori

When I got a sneak peak of a few weeks ago, like the rest of the Anthropologie world, I was smitten.  Oh hell, it was obsession at first sight.  With the launch of the shop on February 14th, came a sense of relief.  Not because they weren’t the most beautiful dresses I’ve ever seen but because all but a few would have been way beyond my wedding budget and no amount of convincing could have ever gotten me:

Pleated Fantasy Gown

So I can stop second guessing myself or my ill-luck at missing out on such gooey wonderful whimsical loveliness.  And just appreciate them.   Just a few of my favorites:

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In wedding

By Lori

wedding dress shopping – better than I’d hoped.

On 14, Apr 2009 | No Comments | In wedding | By Lori

We spent Easter weekend with our families, marking things off the wedding list.  5 dress shops and 40+ dresses later I’ve discovered I have really expensive taste in wedding dresses, not just furniture and shoes.  I was looking for something understated, more architectural.  No beading, sequins or lace and no synthetic fabrics.  I was hoping to find a dress that hinted at the same architectural detailing of the Plant.

Melissa Sweet’s collection could not have been more perfect… or more out of my price range. The “Molly” is this sweet off the shoulder dress in silk cotton faille. The photo doesn’t do the fabric justice.  It’s subtle but rich, I’ve never seen a wedding dress anything like it.  The other is “Newport.”  The pleated bodice creates a very flattering line that reminds me of the corregated metal at our location.  I never dreamed I would fall in love with a strapless dress.  And that one would exist that didn’t make me feel like a linebacker in a tutu.  Alas, it was not meant to be.

I have the dresses narrowed down to two…both from La Sposa’s White One collection also very pretty and understated and the cost will allow to spend a little extra adding some detailing to compliment my style (i.e. a pleated tulle ruffle peaking out of the bottom of the dress)  I had originally designed a dress but with 6 months to go and no great leads on dressmakers in the area, I knew I had to get the ball rolling.

I’m still on the lookout for unique bridesmaid dresses.  I would love to use Anthropologie but I can’t wait until August/September for their fall line to come out to choose a dress. But if I WERE going to use Anthropologie and I was getting married this month, I’d love the green Peacoat Shift Dress and the Confetti Whirl Dress.

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