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In living

By Lori

My Morning Routine

On 26, Oct 2011 | One Comment | In living | By Lori

I wonder why I even bother with an alarm clock.  Most days, one of 4 animals (with varying degrees of “assertiveness”), wakes me from generally under-utilized sleep with an immediate request for play, pet, food or potty.  The worst sleep thief of them all is my cat, Sid.  God bless him, he’s attached at my hip from the moment I get home in the evening to when I leave in the morning.  I’ve come to think of him as another appendage.

Ranger found this today and sent it to me. Simon Tofield is a brilliant and talented animator who managed to sum up my mornings:


  1. Helen

    And this is why pets are no longer allowed in the bedroom.

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