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In crafting

By Lori

Doctor Who Fanart

On 27, Jun 2014 | No Comments | In crafting | By Lori

I’ve been doing a bit of painting recently.  I especially love the small studies I can work on during lunch.  I’ve created a portable setup by buying a watercolor palette with half pans to make up paints, cutting a small piece of foamboard to use as an easel and a few wax cups for water.

watercolor palette

One turned out so well, I posted it online and was flooded by requests to buy.  So I turned it into a small print to sell on Etsy.

Tardis Watercolor

Tardis Watercolor Print



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In fashion

By Lori

Spring Wardrobe

On 25, Mar 2014 | No Comments | In fashion | By Lori

spring wardrobeI’d like to start buying new pieces for work this Spring.  Though some are going to wait until I hit a size goal (I’m looking at you slim pants), others will continue to work well as I continue to lose.  And with these prices, I don’t mind having to have things tailored in a few months to ensure a perfect fit!

I’m trying to buy with outfits in mind, rather than just buying the first thing I like.  I’m also trying to get out of my comfort zone.  Polyvore is such a great tool for creating and testing outfits. Here’s a collection I did consisting of 1 jacket, 1 pant, 1 skirt, 3 tops, 1 sweater, 2 heels and creating 5 different outfits.  Any I’m sure there’s more here if I put my mind to it!



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In liquid courage

By Lori

Setting Up a Home Bar

On 06, Mar 2014 | No Comments | In liquid courage, living | By Lori

I’ve been using a vintage serving cart as a bar for a few years now.  I LOVE IT.  What I don’t love is how dusty its contents are and how frequently I have to clean everything.  So I’m converting the cart into storage for my line of paper goods (more on that later) and I’m purchasing a new enclosed bar to keep everything clean and tidy.  

My living room is small but I currently have about 5 ft of wall space that I can use.  I wanted to find something compact, perhaps one that opened up and it had to relatively narrow in depth.  I toyed with the idea of converting small buffets I found or even building something but Crate and Barrel had this beauty in their spring line and it was the perfect solution. I can’t wait to post it as soon as it arrives!

I like to make my own syrups and shrubs for cocktails, it’s quick and looks impressive.  If I’m expecting company, I’ll make a simple syrup (2 parts sugar, 1 part water: cook on medium until sugar dissolves) and grab mint, thyme, lavender or basil from the garden and make an infused syrup.  

Instead of keeping club soda and tonic on hand, I use my sodastream to make fresh batches as I need them.

Here’s a stock list for your bar that will make an impromptu cocktail gathering, a stress-free event.


  • 8 wine glasses
  • 8 champagne glasses
  • 4 or 8 double old-fashioned glasses
  • 4 martini glasses
  • 4 highball glasses


  • set of bar tools and shaker
  • assorted glass bottles (for homemade syrups and shrubs)
  • assorted trays
  • sodastream with glass bottles (for homemade soda and tonic)
  • ice bucket and tongs 
  • toothpicks

For the Cabinet

  • gin
  • whiskey or bourbon
  • vodka
  • tequila
  • red wine
  • bitters
  • dry vermouth
  • tonic syrup
  • a few favorite cordials or liquors (I love elderflower and orange)

For the Fridge

  • wine
  • champagne or prosecco
  • olives
  • lemons
  • limes
  • oranges
  • beer


Home Bar Under $1000



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In liquid courage

By Lori

Blackberry Sage Lemonade

On 06, Mar 2014 | One Comment | In liquid courage, living | By Lori

Blackberry Sage Lemonade
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2 oz gin
1 oz triple sec
2 oz simple syrup
lemon juice (from one large lemon)
club soda
fresh blackberries
fresh sage (2 leaves)
muddle sage and blackberry in cocktail shaker. Add gin, triple sec, lemon juice, and syrup. Shake Pour over ice. Fill with club soda. Garnish with sage leaves and/or blackberries.
the intrepid cow



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In living

By Lori

12 Tips for Boosting Creativity

On 21, Feb 2014 | No Comments | In living | By Lori

I’m in a royal slump.  I’ve set a deadline for myself to launch a new line of paper goods, and I though I am motivated, my mind is a complete blank when it comes to new ideas.  Everything I begin looks like a dozen things I’ve already done.  So, I’m taking a break to blog my:

12 tips for boosting creativity by mod girl designs

1.  Curate

Take 20 minutes (or longer) on Polyvore to curate. Or use Photoshop or another photo editing software.  Create a mood board using images around the internet.  Make it as complex or simple as you’d like.  And don’t worry if the board takes on a life of its own and doesn’t come out at all the way you planned.

2.  Learn Something New

Learn to make Sushi.  Teach yourself to knit.  Or how to stay “where is the bathroom?” in 12 languages. It will help to disengage from the creative block you’re having and in the end you’ll be a more well-rounded person. And be a hit at parties.

3.  Talk a Walk Outside

Or a bike ride.  Or a run. Step away from your computer/desk/studio and move your body.  I love taking dance classes.  I’m not particularly good at it but after an hour, I feel invigorated and recharged.  And because I spend so much of my time behind a desk, the feeling of physical exhaustion (as opposed to just mental exhaustion) is refreshing.  Not convinced? Here’s an article about physical activity and creativity.

4.  Talk to a Stranger

Okay, it doesn’t have to be a complete stranger, perhaps a co-worker you don’t know very well or the barista at the coffee shop.  Ask them about their day, about their lives.  If they’re not in the mood to talk, try someone else.  I’m tend to be introverted so just stepping outside my comfort zone can sometimes force a creative spark.  

5.  Seek out Culture

Go see a play or musical performance.  Make it something you wouldn’t normally attend.  Or watch one online (PBS and the Digital Theatre have great performances).  Give the performance your full, undivided attention.  When it’s over write a 140 character summary of the performance.

6. Gorge on Ear Candy

Use the radio functionality on Spotify or Pandora.  Spent 30 minutes researching new bands and finding new songs.  Create a playlist that exhibits your current mood.  Then make one for the opposite mood.

7.  Get Your Hands Dirty

Try your hand at gardening.  Play with Playdough. Cook or bake. Build something from wood. Fingerpaint. The possibilities are endless, just have a tactile experience. Need inspiration? Check out Makezine.

8. Visit a Library

Pick your favorite section and pull a book off the shelf. Read awhile.  Nothing?  Try another.  And another.

9.  Throw a Party in Your Mind Palace

Plan an imaginary dinner party.  Come up with a guest list (fictional, historical, doesn’t matter).  Give it a theme.  Plan a menu.  Develop ice breakers or games.  Create a signature cocktail.  The more elaborate your plan, the better.  

10.  Use Your Nose

There are dozens of studies showing the effects of scent on our daily lives.  Mood, perception of health, productivity and stress can all be positively or negatively influenced my our sense of smell.  Try exposing yourself to new or familiar smells and see what happens.  Using essential oils in a diffuser or a humidifier is a quick way to infuse your work space.  Candles and flowers will work as well.

11.  Try, Try Again

Examine several pieces of your previous work as though you had never seen it before.  What adjectives would use to describe it?  Write down a list of 5 for each piece. Are there adjectives you wish were better represented?  Try imagining how you would recreate or edit each piece to make those missing adjectives better represented.  

12. Disconnect and Recharge

Turn off the phone, the tv, everything.  Lay in the hammock with a cold beer.  Have a picnic in the park.  Or my favorite: take a nap.  Everything seems a little less stressful after a little shut-eye.

Bonus: Write a blog entry detailing your favorite methods to boost creativity.